Alyn D F James


I was a Dentist from 1975 to 1998. when my life  was. catastrophically destroyed by the actions of  one man.

Dr Ronald Bryn John CStJ DL


This is my musical journey as a psychiatric patient. 

beside each song I give the reason I wrote it


Sane in an insane world   

I was told,in a telephone call by a psychiatrist I had seen for 20 minutes re stress 3 months previously that I would be made to go ,sectioned,  if I dd not voluntarily be admitted

to a Psychiatric hospital the next day, and that my NHS Dental practice was under FULL and  IMMEDIATE HEALTH AUTHORITY CONTROL

 I took my 12 string guitar and wrote this the first week.for one beautiful young lady who looked after me as I after her.

What it is like to be a medicated psychiatric patient. when no one listens to you or cares

Dr R Bryn John intentionally destroyed me for some reason and is now (2017) well protected by like minded individuals. So called Men of honour with warped senses of integrity and morals.

 It was an indescribable moment being suddenly, with no warning, told that I was SO PSYCHIATRICALLY  ILL there was no option but to be URGENTLY admitted, the next day.

One patient escaped one night and tried to commit suicide. She was detained and soon had Electro Convulsive Therapy. I will never forget her face the day after that. She looked dead.

In 2008 10 YEARS LATER GPs in Neath start telling me I will never know the truth about my destruction

On discharge I soon learnt I had lost 


My practice was destroyed as the Health Authority had lied to me and my practice was now worthless

Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board call me delusional about events that (may or may not have ) happened. They falsify my Medical records and refuse to treat me for my severe depression.

Patients still stop me and say how much they miss me as their Dentist and say to keep going as I deserve  answers and Professional Respect. But all local Doctors  tell me I will never know the truth and to forget being a Dentist.

A group of us called ourselves "The Cuckoo's Nest" from the novel by Ken Kesey, and a great film from 1975.  When we said we goodbye on discharge we all held hands, cried, and said we gotta get out of this, we gotta fly out of cuckoo's nest.

We wrongly called the author Ken Kelsey 

My sister Dr Keatley E James told me in 2009 that she will never tell me the truth because Dr John had helped conceal a heinous professional act by her or her husband Dr Adwaita P Dhar.

He destroyed the very man I used to be and REFUSES to tell me why he did it so suddenly AND with no advance discussion as in my Patient's Rights.

I am so fed up of acting as if OK

I lost the joy of the most important part of a working man's life....retirement. and the reward of many years service.

I want to know the truth then I can get some

Peace and quiet

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